Thank you, and Goodbye.

>> Sunday, January 20, 2013

I've been putting off writing this post for over 3 months now. I've known it was coming, but couldn't bring myself to make the words stay on the page. But here goes.

Listologies, since I started it in 2006 on MySpace (moved to this platform in 2008) has been my shelter. My safeplace. My outlet. And eventually, my connection, to all you wonderful people, the bands, artists, readers, commenters, and stalkers. This has been my greatest accomplishment, you all have. But more than anything, this was my salvation with my best friend Stevie.

Brief history of Addi and Stevie…. Stevie has been my best friend since seventh grade, and as we got older, we only got closer. But one day, I was a supreme asshole, as guys often are, and made the wrong choices and really hurt her. I broke us. We had a falling out. And I lost her. She moved to NYC, and I stayed here in the PNW. And it sucked. And this blog saved us. In my heart I believe that if she had not joined in on this blog, and I have no clue why she agreed to in the first place, we never would have become friends again. This was our lifeline when we were no more and a country apart. So that makes this all the more difficult.

But, the passion that drove Listologies for 7 years now is no longer there.  And it is not something I am willing to force just to get out posts. I know that if my heart is not in it, the posts will suffer, and I will only be letting you down. So, with that said, unfortunately I do have to say goodbye. We are closing the doors here at Listologies.

Stevie and I would like to thank you for reading, following, sharing, liking, tweeting, commenting and voting us into 5th place in Evening Magazine’s Best of the Northwest. You make this hard.

I do want to take a few mins to thank some individuals and bands that have help make this the place it was.

Sarah from The Oh Wells, you have always been one of the best musicians I have ever interacted with, and it has been a pleasure getting to know you. Please stay in touch and let me know when you come to Seattle, I will come out of retirement for that extravaganza.

Naomi, you are a friend. A friend that without this blog, I never would have made. You have enriched my life, and I thank you for it. Thank you for being so supportive of this blog.

The lovely ladies of Lemolo. A lot of bands keep little bloggers like myself at arm’s length, but you guys always had positive things to say, shared and supported. You guys are the cream of the crop. Keep going.

To Dustin and Brandon from The BGP. You guys have heart and soul. And I am not talking about the music right now. The support you guys have thrown our way has been incredible and too much. I couldn't begin to thank you. I will support whatever you guys do, forever.

Maggie Joy. Out of all the “industry” people that would contact us, sharing music, and imploring posts, you were by far the best. I always looked forward and loved the music you shared. Thank you for doing what you do, getting sounds that need to be heard out there. What you do is important and valued.

The Gundersen Family. The talent in the family alone, whether it’s via Noah and Abby or Le Wrens, has stoked my passions enough to keep this blog alive for well over a year now. When all seemed bleakest, the Gundersen’s gave me light. So thank you.

All the people who have subscribed to our YouTube channel and pushed our uploads over the 1.2 million view mark. Thank you.

All of our Facebook friends/fans and Twitter followers. You were our main distribution system, and you helped us succeed and primarily got us into 5th place. Thank you.

There are too many others to go into one by one, so thanks to the following. the Head and the Heart.  Chris from moviesandsong365. Lindsey of SSG Music. The Native Sibling Pickwick. Hey Marseilles. Campfire OK. Zach Fleury. BOAT. Bryan John Appleby. Allen Stone. Samantha Crain. The Civil Wars. FM Radio and Schuyler Fisk. The Swell Season. And so many many more.

Thank you all for making these last 7 years the best ever. You have been the soundtrack to my life.
I will not say that this goodbye is forever, but it is goodbye.