The Ten List: Dudes 2011

>> Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last year about this time I wrote my Ten List, see: - the guys I would supposedly be allowed to forsake my hubby for because they are: A) Celebrities B) Unattainable C) Hot! Here is my updated 2011 Ten List: Dudes because 2010 was just so... 2010!

10. Matthew Gray Gubler

9. Justin Timberlake
8. Robert Downey Jr.

7. Emile Hirsch

6. Kyle Howard

5. Shia Labeof

4. Ryan Reynolds

3. Charlie Hunnam

2. Ryan Gosling

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Song of the Day: "Million Dollar Bill" by Dawes

>> Sunday, June 26, 2011

This song is genius.

"Million Dollar Bill" by Dawes

ABC's of my Google Searches

>> Friday, June 24, 2011

A while back I found this really interesting blog post from a girl that I had posted the web site she visited that came up first when she put in each letter of the alphabet in to her search bar. It really did give some insight on to what she spent her time doing and I thought it would be fun to do the same. Here are my results then try your own - but no cheating! If you're N is Netflix don't change it to NPR to look cool :) -Stevie

A: - a girl has to know the weather!

B: - I have 3 blogs so this didn't surprise me- this from i adore inspiration...

C: - yup I'm like that

D: - I'm a teacher what can I say?

E: - I've been an Etsy fan for a long long time. My favorite place to shop for gifts. I've wanted this dress forever!

F: - no shocker here

G: Google- my homepage so that kind of makes sense...

H: - where I get my news

I: - I have to know all the secrets! Here's the next movie I want to see...

J: - I've been spending a lot of time in the store and on their site.

K: - my hubby's site. I actually didn't expect this one but who wouldn't want to visit that sexy face all the time?

L: - who isn't addicted to groupon like sites?

M: - this is the dress I'm lusting over now:

N: - here's the last movie I rented-

O: this one is kind of flukey, I looked on there two days ago for iPhone cases

P: - seriously, my crack

My thoughts: I wasn't surprised by some (Facebook, Pinterest, Google), while others I didnt realize I visited so often or perhaps its just that I visited those last. In the end I think it reflects me.

A Few of My Favorite Things

>> Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So it's been a while since I've blogged on here and I thought I'd throw something a little different your way. Here is an incomplete list of things that make me happy (pictures included)...

{Summer Edition}

10. Road Trips

There's something about the open road, gas station stops and not knowing what new adventures (or cheesy gift shops) you might find a long the way.

9. Outdoor Movies

I love movies. I love being outdoors. I love joining crowds for communal activities. Thus I like my summer movies a
l fresco!

8. Grass

Seems simple enough but who doesn't love the smell of fresh cut grass, the feel of it between shoe-less feet.

7. Reading endless books

I love lining up all the books I want to read and trying to decide which one to dive in to first.

6. Street Fairs

Vendor food & henn? Yes please.

5. Sunny Dispositions

People just seem happier in the summer time don't they??

4. Pedicures

Tis the season for twice monthly (or more) pedi's!!

3. BBQ

Who doesn't love hanging out at a backyard bbq?

2. Beach!

Sand, Sun, Water, Perfection

1. Adventures

Waking up and not knowing what this lovely day has in store!

Songs of the Day: "Song For The Working Man" & "Name" by The BGP

>> Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We must be putting something in the water up here in the great NW. I cannot remember the music scene being this strong since the early 90's. And we all remember how that worked out. It is a great time to be a Northwest music fan/blogger. 
Tonight, I bring you yet another band that I truly expect huge things from in the very near future, The BGP. Now, I would be expecting this from them no matter what, but, I think their successful appearance on America's Got Talent last night may help move things along a little quicker. I really really hope so, this band is due. 

Below you will see two videos, one is a great stop motion music video the band put together, and it looks brilliant. And the other is an upload I did so I could get my favorite song up on here. 

"Song For The Working Man" by The BGP

"Name" by The BGP

Song of the Day: "Hospital Beds" by Florence + The Machine (Cold War Kids Cover)

>> Monday, June 13, 2011

Sorry I have not been blogging as of lately people. I cracked the screen on my laptop and it is very frustrating to try and write around the purple gashes. But, this is a song that is worth that frustration.
I love Cold War Kids. I love Cover Songs. Those who know me, or read this blog, know these two facts all too well. So when I heard the Florence + The Machine cover of CWK's "Hospital Beds," I bout pissed myself.

"Hospital Beds" by Florence + The Machine (Cold War Kids Cover)

Song of the Day: "Most Wanted" by Cults

>> Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This album is growing on me. It just came out a couple days ago, but it has had songs released and leaked all over the interwebs for like the last half year. And when I first heard it, in all its glory, I did not see what the big deal was. But, when it was officially released on Tuesday, I got it, mostly because I couldn't not get it, and it is stronger as a whole then the individual pieces might have indicated. I think this record is going to be a winner.

"Most Wanted" by Cults

Band of the Week: Lissie

>> Sunday, June 5, 2011

Band of the Week 
So, I was a little behind on the Lissie train, but not really. I purchased this album at the tail end of last summer, like in late Sept. but by then, I had so much music on my plate, I completely forgot about it. But then this Spring, I reviewed my music collection and found that I had never even added the record to my iPod. It was a big mistake. I am sure, that if I would have given this the time it deserved last year, it would have been a top 5 record. Easy. As it is now, I have fall in love with this girl. She is incredible, and I have supplied a smattering of things to help you fall in love with her as well.

Just so its clear, I am breaking my rule, and including this record, released in Aug of 2010 as a 2011 selection. Because, so far, it really has been my soundtrack of the year.

"When I'm Alone"

"Hello" (Lionel Richie Cover)

"Worried About" (my personal favorite)

"Everywhere I Go" (acoustic)

Song of the Day: "Wetsuit" by The Vaccines

>> Friday, June 3, 2011

"We all got old at breakneck speed. Go easy on me."

Quickly becoming one of my favorite tracks of 2011. Everyone go out and buy this record. You do not hear me tell you that often, as I am aware, I like some different stuff, but this record is pretty great.

"Wetsuit" by The Vaccines

Song of the Day: "Became" by Atmosphere

>> Thursday, June 2, 2011

This song is insane. Just listen to the story. It's like a short story, with twists and turns and all, rapped. It's glorious.

"Became" by Atmosphere