The Alphabet List: The Letter "J"

>> Sunday, October 9, 2011

So, its not that we forgot or abandoned the idea of the Alphabet List, it's just that "I" is a sonofabitch.

So, with that, we skip it, at least for now, and bring you the lovely letter "J"

I cannot believe how relieved I am to be working on a real list again, nor can I believe how long it took me to realize that I could actually skip a letter and it would not be the end of the world. Now, again, if you forgot the rules, this is going to be a list of bands/artists starting with the letter "J." The names cannot be given, and must be chosen. So, although, I love me some John Mayer. and Jason Mraz and whatnot, you will not find them below on this list. However, I have broken that rule slightly, you'll see.

I am not one who is going to wax philosophically about who is the best rapper of all time. It't not that I don't have my opinions on the matter, but I just do not feel qualified. I love me some rap music, but, as a fan, not a historian. However, I cannot deny that he is just the man.
This song is from his new Duet album with Kanye West "Watch The Throne" which is fantastic.
"Otis" by Jay Z and Kanye West

The Jackson 5
This is my cheat. It's a name, but it's also a band. So, I'm letting it slide. Now, I had a real hard time deciding who to put after Jay Z. It was either Jackson 5 or Journey. And, I guess, I cannot deny that The Jackson 5 made a bigger impact on the world, and myself.
"I'll Be There" by The Jackson Five

Guilty pleasure does not even begin to describe this band. I don't even think I need to say more then that.
"Open Arms" by Journey

The Joy Formidable
This three piece band from North Wales makes a very big noise, and are one of my current favorites. This video especially shows the raw, sexy power of Ritzy, the femme fatale of a lead singer. Just watch and tell me you do not want to be in this room with her manning the mic.
"Austere" by The Joy Formidable

Jane's Addiction I just to think that Dave Navarro was the coolest dude alive. Played in two bad ass bands, had a smoking hot lady, and could pull off nail polish. He was simply awesome. It didn't suck that is was in this legendary band. Below, my favorite track.
"Been Caught Stealing" by Janes Addiction

Jars of Clay
I feel like its the supidest idea ever to follow Jane's Addiction with Jars of Clay, but that's how I sees it. And, I almost had it the other way around Imagine that. There is probably not a cassette tape I played more in 95/96 than this self-titled debut. And, honestly, at the time, I was not even that aware of the religious undertones, I just loved the mellow, post grunge whiny alt rock.
"Flood" by Jars of Clay

This is one of those bands that sneaks into your earmind and before you realize it, you are singing at the top of your lungs. When I need a good road trip mix, or if I am driving late and night and the cold air of the open windows are no longer keeping me awake, I turn to Jet, and live loud.
"Cold Hard Bitch" by Jet

Come on admit it, you all knew I would find a way to sneak in a NW(Vancouver, BC)  band when all was said and done with, but that is not the only reason I have opted to include this fantastic Canadian duo. They are the first band that I have found in years that truly epitomized the sound and the feel of one of the all time greats, The Sonics. Like, if The Sonics, were Canadian, and formed in the 00's, they would sound like this.
"Wet Hair" by Japandroids

Jimmy Eat World
A lot of people will look at Jimmy Eat World as a one hit wonder, but those people need to be junk punched. If you listened to the actually album their "hit" comes off of, you would know what I am talking about. It is a fantastic record from beginning to end, and needs to be celebrated and included on this list. Also, they have one of the best grammatically incorrect names ever.
"The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World

Ja Rule
Ja Rule is kind of a joke these days, but back in the day, you know 2001, he was the man. I think he had something like 20 top 100 singles in 4 year, including like 3 number 1 albums. With all the crap he gets now, it's hard to remember that he really did rule the hip-hop/R&B world. And he was one of the first, if not the first, to really make that Rap R&B duet thing so damn successful and popular. It's so commonplace now, people don't realize it was fairly uncommon back before the early 2000's.
"Always On Time" by Ja Rule and Ashanti

To me, when I think of Jodeci, I think mostly of K-Ci and JoJo, and I know that is not fair, because they were only half of the band, but it's how I learned of them. I kinda discovered them backwards, back when I was all into R&B, I started to listen to a bunch of K-CI & JoJo, thanks mostly to the Save The Last Dance soundtrack, and I decided to see where they came from, that is how I found me some Jodeci.
"Forever My Lady" by Jodeci

Honorable Mention
"Virtual Insanity" by Jamirquai

"It Ain't Gonna Save Me" by Jay Reatard


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