Bakers Dozen Best Bands With #'s in Their Names.

>> Monday, December 22, 2008

Alright. This is a challenge, only because, I have done like 8 rough drafts of this list, and then realize that I have forgotten someone essential. It is maddeningly impossible to not leave someone out, but here goes.

And since every list must have rules, here they are. The number mentioned, must be used as a number, ex. Secondhand Serenade does not qualify because the term Secondhand is a word meant to describe used. Also, the band name must not refer to the amount of people in the band itself, ex. The Jackson 5, The Four Tops, and so on.

Most of these bands are from the 90's, and its something that I call the U2 effect.

1. U2.
Ok, so, even though I am not at all a big fan of this band, the quality of the music they put out can not be denied. That alone merits their placement on this list.

2. Third Eye Blind.
One of my all time favorite albums is this bands debut. Maybe a little high in a historical sense, but not in a personal sense.

3. Matchbox Twenty
What I said about Third Eye Blind can also be said, word for word, about this band.

4. Ben Folds Five
In my eight rough drafts of this list, I forgot this band seven times. From "Brick" to "The Battle of Who Could Care Less" this band does not miss.

5. 311
What can I say about 311? I just love them so much. More than I would normally like to admit on a public forum. But for whatever reason, they just speak to me, or should I say they just rap-sing to me.

6. 2pac
It is already happening. 2pac is one of the greatest influences in music history. I think, normally, I would have mentioned that someday, he will become, blah, blah, blah.... But this has already happened.

7. Blink 182
Dude Ranch. I mean, what else needs to be said. One of my favorite albums from highschool.

8. Maroon 5
One of the best new voices in music. Granted their second album was not nearly as good as their first, but the first was so good, and the sophomore was not bad enough to demote them off this list.

9. Eve 6
This band gets overlooked as a flash in the pan, 2 hit wonder. But, their debut album is complete. And for anyone who knows me, that is not something i just toss around. From beginning to end it is a fine album.

10. Nine Days/Stroke 9
Ok, so these are a one hit wonder bands. Nine Days had "Absolutely(Story of a Girl)" and Stroke 9 had "Little Black Backpack" both released in the summer of 1998. Neither band picked up much steam after these initial singles, however, the albums are well worth a good listen.

11. nine inch nails
I know at least 3 people that would kick me in the shin for having this band at number 11. But, this is a "U2" type inclusion. I am not a big fan, but their word is undeniable.

12. 3 Doors Down
You may not realize how often you sing along to a Three Doors Down song. Consider this; "Kryptonite"..."Be Like That"..."When I'm Gone"..."Here Without You"..."It's Not My Time." Now tell me, you are not humming at least one of those tracks. "Be Like That" is one of my personal favorites.

13. 4 Non Blondes
Another one hit wonder. But its a great song, and a pretty good ringtone.

Also Considered

Three Dog Night

Leave comments on which ones i have missed.


Stevie January 4, 2009 at 2:06 PM  

Of course I would have added 7 Year Bitch because they were revolutionary in their own right. I like a lot of the ones that you included although I think I would reorder them... U2 almost has to go first just because it's U2 so I guess that could stay. I'd probably slip 7 Year Bitch in their second and put Third Eye Blind third. Then I'd put 2Pac next and bump Ben Folds all the way to the back. Although I'm a Ben fan I think I have angst with people being "brick heads" and only knowing that song. Hmm... I'm going to go search for others.

Addi January 5, 2009 at 12:10 PM  

Yeah, its funny how much i went back and forth between 7 Year Bitch and 4 Non Blondes. and as it turns out, 4 non blondes actually breaks my rule about having the number represent the amount of people in the band. So, i might as well change it.

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