The Not So Real World

>> Friday, January 2, 2009

Just for the record, I'm currently typing this and I have a broken finger and a splint on one hand- I'm fancy! Yup that exclamation key took three tries. So, as you all have probably heard MTV's infamous money maker- The Real World - is coming to Brooklyn. Or is already in Brookly but will be premiering shortly. In honor of the fact that I've never missed an episode (I'm a real world junkie) I have put together this list. Please keep in mind my heart is really with the original Real World before they changed formats and were, frankly, more real. Without further ado...

1. RW: San Francisco
Puck. Pedro. Nuff said.

2. RW: New York
The original Real World when it was truly real. Plus Eric Nies, c'mon that's brilliant.

3. RW: Los Angeles
This was the second season, made great by virgin Jon and sassy TLC like Tami. Plus this is when we're introduced to Beth (the disaster).

4. RW: Hawaii
Maybe only because of Tek and Ruthie. But still.

5. RW: Back to New York
One word: Coral. Plus I've met the Miz and Malik.

6. RW: Seattle
The slap heard round the world in '98.

7. RW: Miami
I swear no one watched this season but it was so good, albeight more slutty than others before it.

8. RW: San Diego
What can I say I actually like Brad and Robin. Plus Frankie was just so different than any other castmate (rest her soul).

9. RW: Sydney
Maybe I just like Cohutta. Plus all the anger made for some great frat-like drama.

10. RW: New Orleans
If only for Danny but also a great city to host. So cool when they went to Ann Rule's house.

11. RW: Hollywood
I liked their "job" and that they sent Joey to rehab right away. That was real.

12. RW: Las Vegas
I hesitated with this one just because I had Trishelle so much. Then again the love triangle between Irulan, Alton, and Arissa made up for it. Of course Brynn was my favorite.

13. RW: London
I don't think people saw this season either but Kat went to my high-school, Jacinda became a model/actress, and Lars got his tongue bit off- so rock and roll.

14. RW: Boston
Probably the worst of the earlier ones. Genesis was interesting as the token lipstick lesbian and its funny to see old Syrus back trying to do challenges.

**This is where we get in to the worst of 'em**
15. RW: Denver
Colie is kind of interesting. Sorta. Maybe Davis. I mean he is a southern conservative gay frat-ish boy.

16. RW: Key West
Because Slut-Lana was just so dumb.

17 RW: Austin
Danny + Melinda= love, We meet Wes who is a predictable "character" and Rachel who they through in because she served in Iraq (and then couldn't handle any of the challenges in the Inferno or the Gauntlet.

18. RW: Chicago
I can't stand Tanya

19 RW: Paris
Only saved by CT.

20. RW: Philadelphia
Just terribly boring. Really. No brotherly love for this one.


Addi January 2, 2009 at 3:52 PM  

YOur top ten is nearly perfect. But wtf Sydney? Come on, that one sucked monkey nut. Move Austin up to number ten, drop Sydney down a bunch of spots and your set.

Yes, i really liked Austin, it was the year that I actually got back to watching it. I would also move London up and swap Seattle and Back to NY.

Stevie January 2, 2009 at 5:05 PM  

Seattle was not great even though for obvious reasons I wanted it to be good. All the stuff that happened off tape and after the show was better! Plus I think I liked Sydney because it finally got decent after a bunch of crappy seasons. Plus I just didn't fall in love with the fake, set-up Austin- that was all staged!

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