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>> Thursday, April 9, 2009

We all know I'm a Real World fanatic and after watching the Duel 2 I realized- wow some of these people really suck! And some of them are really hot! So this is my ode to the Ladies of the Real World (I've left out Road Rulers on this list) in three different categories.

Ones You Love to Watch (whether they're just hot or entertaining or both)
Coral (season 10 BTNY)
Keri (season 11 Chicago)

Ruthie (season 8 hawaii)
Tami (season 2 la)
Rachel (season 3 sf)
Flora (season 5 miami) -
Irene (season 7 seattle)
Robin (season 14 SD)
Paula (season 17 key west)
Kelly Anne (season 19 Sydney)
Brianna (season 20 Hollywood)
Amaya (season 8 hawaii)
Kaia (season 8 hawaii)
Brynn (season 12 LV)
Jacinda (season 4 london)

Jennifer (season 18 Denver)

The Pain-Stakingly Annoying
Katelynn (season 21 Bk)
Parisa (season 19 Sydney)
Svetlana (season 17 key west)
Beth S. (season 2 la)
Cory (season 3 sf)
Julie (season 9 New Orleans)
Tonya (season 11 Chicago)
Trishelle (season 12 LV)
Rachel M. (season 16 Austin)
Kimberly (season 20 Hollywood)
Sarah R. (season 20 Hollywood)
Montana (season 6 boston)
Arissa (season 12 LV)

And the Straight-Up Boring
Irene (season 2 la)
Jo (season 3 sf)
Sharon (season 4 london)
Genesis (season 6 boston)
Christina (season 13 Paris)
Devyn (season 21 BK)
Baya (season 21 BK)
Kat (season 4 london)

Elka (season 6 boston)

Honorable Mention: Frankie (SD)


Addi April 10, 2009 at 5:50 PM  

i SOOOOOOO agree with you about the Painstakingly Annoying list, mostly with Beth S, Montana, Tonya. But I HATED Katelynn from this last season. Drove me nuts. It was like she learned ten big words that she would randomly toss into conversations to sound intelligent, but then they would be used wrong anyways, so it just made her look like a douche. good list.

It has inspired a list out of me, TV characters I would most like to Date, not the actresses, but the actual characters they play. in the works now.

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