Top Ten Rain Songs: Dueling Lists by Stevie & Addi

>> Monday, June 15, 2009

Have you seen that movie Bedtime Stories? Okay, you don't have to admit it but in that movie Adam Sandlers niece and nephew make things happen just by adding them in to his ridiculous stories- like making it rain gumballs. Well, it's not raining gumballs but ironically it is pouring outside as I type up the first of what is sure to be more dueling lists.

Our first challenge? Best songs with Rain in the title. Take a gander at our dueling lists...


1. Covered In Rain – John Mayer
There is no doubt that this will forever be my # 1 song about rain. Considering it is the only song with the word rain in it on my top songs of all time list, which you can also find on this blog. But more so than that, this song edges closer on perfection than most songs even attempt.

2. Raining In Baltimore – Counting Crows
I think logically speaking, most people would place Rain King ahead of this in the pantheon of Counting Crows songs about rain, I mean, that one was a hit single and this one just stayed hidden from radio play for years, but screw logic.

3. Why Does It Always Rain On Me – Travis
An amazing album about not fitting in your own skin. About not filling the shoes of those who tread the path before you. And this song completes that album.

4. Fire And Rain – James Taylor
My mom taught me to love James Taylor.

5. Wish It Would Rain – The Temptations
My dad taught me to love The Temptations.

6. Rain King – Counting Crows
First of all, its hard enough to have two songs by one band on a single list, it makes you feel lazy, like you didn’t work hard enough to be more diverse, but there is no denying either one of these.

7. Only Happy When It Rains – Garbage
I almost left this one off, not by choice, but by error of omission. And for that I apologize to my one reader.

8. No Rain – Blind Melon
This is a duh pick.

9, Rain – Bishop Allen
Ok, so this is my shout out to my current favorite band.

10. My Old Raincoat – E (of The Eels)
This is me cheating. I was challenged to write a list about songs with the word rain in the title, and was given very clear instructions that words like rainbow were not allowed, because, they were not about rain. A brilliant break up song, on a superb album you have and will never listen too.

Honorable Mentions
Have You Seen The Rain – CCR
Still Rainin’ – Johnny Lang


10. Have You Ever Seen the Rain by CCR – a classic, also my grandma’s favorite band while I was growing up so I think CCR will always hold a special place in my heart.

9. Candy Rain by Soul for Real - this song brings me right back to 8th grade.

8. I’m Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage- Who rocks more than Shirley Manson, she was an icon in the 90’s.

7. Why Does it Always Rain on Me by Travis – I go back and forth with Travis but I like this song a lot.

6. Rain by Bishop Allen – Beautiful.

5. Rain King by Counting Crows – I’ve listened to this song more than any other song on this list. I was going to go with Raining in Baltimore but I have special memories of listening to this song live.

4. November Rain by Guns N Roses – Is there anything more rad than a rock n roll wedding or Slash's guitar solo?

3. Flood (New Rain) by Jars of Clay - Biblical but bad ass.

2. Fire and Rain by James Taylor - James Taylor just has a way of singing a tune. Addi introduced him to me.

1. No Rain by Blind Melon - One of my favorite all time songs and happens to have rain in the title + the little bee girl!


Addi June 16, 2009 at 12:09 AM  

Ok, so, i knew our lists would have a lot in common, i mean we are going on 15 or 16 years friends here, so it does not surprise me too much. but seriously, 7 out of ten the same (counting my honorable mention ccr) is just crazy. I HATE that you thought of Jars of Clay and I didn't. I never noticed it had a subtitle like that, good thinking.

But you do lose points by including Guns N Roses. So, I think that means I win.

Sheree July 20, 2009 at 1:08 AM  

Covered in Rain is an amazing song, lots of good times listening to that song

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