2010 Worst New Years Resolutions

>> Thursday, December 31, 2009

So last year I wrote a very controversial ode to the worst New Years Resolutions- alright, really it was probably read by like one person (go check it out, it's funny!)- so this year I decided to follow that up by writing an equally poor list of New Years Resolutions for 2010. We're moving in to a new decade and the following resolutions are sure to start you off on the, er, wrong foot. These are all real resolutions from the New Years Resolutions section of 43 Things.com:

10. Spread Racism: Awesome. Way to spread the love in the new decade.

9. Tacos: I'm not even sure what to say here. Tacos is your resolution?

8. Put a Muffin up my Bum: That's ambition!

7. DS more: Unless this was written by my 9 year old cousin, Fail!

6. FIND MEMBERS: This could only have been written by a cult leader.

5. Connect people wanting to fall in love with people wanting to lose their virginity: I'm not even sure what the motivation is here.

4. Avoid running in all marathons: Wow. Now I'm not saying I disagree with this but why not make it like, "try to run a 1/4 mile" or something.

3. time travel back to the year 50 where I started tornado kicking: What? No, really, what?

2. quite tabacoo: How about learn to spell first?

1. Earn a MaryKay career car: I'm signing up right now.


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