Song of the Day: "Covered In Rain" by John Mayer

>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I know. I know. I know. John Mayer is looked down upon by the music elitists. However, fuck that. Yes, he is the same guy that wrote "Your Body is a Wonderland" but come on, he was like 20 when he wrote that. I have written way sappier shit than that. He is perhaps the best song writer out there right now. But most of all, I would say, with great personal conviction that he is the best guitar player out there right now. Period. I have seen him several times, and each time he has blown me away and done something that makes you just resent your parents for not making you more talented. It is really not fair to be honest.

Ok, but on to this song. This song is two things. It is my favorite John Mayer song, and it is a shining example of this guitar prowess that I am talking about. This is a sad beautiful song about being well established into a relationship and being content and happy and full of light. For fans of John, you may know the song "City Love." This song is a sequel to that song. A take off on the lyric "She called up and came to me/ Covered in rain/And dinnertime shadowing/And as her clothes spun, we spooned/And I knew I was through/When I said 'I love you'." And it is a fantastic feeling to have a song go on and take on new life.

This is not a song that he will ever put on an album, because it is a living breathing song, and every time he plays it, it changes a little. And I love that. This is kind of a long clip, but the guitar is stellar. Oh, and check below it too, I found this crazy guitar solo that will just show you the depths of talent that I am talking about. He is not just some sappy song writer. He is a guitar god. Just ask Rolling Stone.

"Covered in Rain" By John Mayer


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