Song of the Day: "Pretty Voice" by Cloud Cult

>> Saturday, February 20, 2010

So, i have found that if i troll small record label websites I can sometimes find compilation tapes from their up and coming artists for free. To be honest, most of the time, they are crap. But Family Records is a rare exception. I recently downloaded two free "Cross-Pollination Mix Tapes" from their website and I would say 70% of the material, there-within was quality. And that is an astounding percentage. I mean, most record labels would only give it away if they couldn't sell it, lets be honest. But Family Records walks to its own beat and shares quality work. If you are a music fan, I suggest you go and get these free records ASAP. Oh, and buy a couple things while you are there too. It's well worth it.

Anyways, onto todays selection. This is a band called Cloud Cult from the aforementioned "Mix Tape Vol. 1" and it is pretty damn good. A little like Hey Marseilles but with their own vibe. I like it enough that I have tracked down and purchased the full length album. Check it out. Enjoy.

"Pretty Voice" by Cloud Cult


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