Song of the Day: "No Other Way" by Paolo Nutini

>> Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I was walking the isles of Safeway this evening, picking up fixings for Tuna Casserole, when a song came on my iPod. yes, i wear it everywhere. A song that I had NEVER heard before, scrambling for my pockets to find out what song had just stopped me in my tracks, I was SHOCKED to find it as, none other than, Paolo Nutini. One of my favorite artists. How does one never hear a track on the ipod that you both own and constantly listen too, its a mystery, but it is also a spectacular song. It has a little Unchained Melody feel too it, but not the annoying way you would expect. It's powerful and passionate, and it's a song that I will play all the time now.

I have included a live clip as well as the lala player. If you get the chance to see him live, I fully suggest it. It may not be the best "showman" often too drunk to stand, but that voice needs to be experienced live.... enjoy.

"No Other Way" by Paolo Nutini


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