Band of the Week: First Aid Kit

>> Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Aid Kit is a duo of Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara Soderburg, aged 19 and 16 respectively. First off, thats impressive. Talent and youth will always get my attention. But this is more than just that. I got the album, because its often described on websites as indie-folk, and I love me some indie-folk,so I picked it up to see if it sticks. Now, it has been in my ipod and on my computer for weeks, but I did not even give it a cursory glance, until I did. And they stopped me in my damn tracks. This shit is special. This shit is powerful. Their harmonies are years beyond most groups with ten years on them. I have included three tracks below, 2 of whiche were filmed live and acoustic in the woods outside their home in Sweden. I really hope you take the time and enjoy it.

Personal note. Both girls have great voices, but I would like to see the younger girl take a little more of the lead, her voice entrances me a bit

The first track is the first song I fell in love with by them. It is not off their 2010 release, but rather their 2008 EP. that would have made them 17 and 14. Even crazier.

The second is a live recording of a great track from their recent release. Great song. Great voices.

The third video is the song that got this all started for the girls. Before any releases, before any record deals, the recorded a few YouTube clips, one of which is FUCKING AMAZING. They cover The Fleet Foxes better than The Fleet Foxes do. Watch and be amazed.

"You're Not Coming Home Tonight"

"I Met Up With The King"

"Tiger Mountian Peasant Song (Fleet Foxes Cover)"


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