Songs of the Day: "The Only Thing I Care About" & "Shine It All On" by E

>> Monday, April 5, 2010

I am taking it back. And I am being as obscure as I know how to be with out giving you something crappy.

This is a track from one of my favorite albums of all time, an album that maybe sold 10,000 copies world wide. But cemented itself into my collection and onto my top 100 of all time list. The album I am referring too is Broken Toy Shop by E. You may know the voice or recongize the name as the front man of The Eels. This is a track from his solo debut just after The Eels broke on the mainstream. I picked it up, and get this, it had a hand painted disc.

This is not the best track, but, I think it is the only video that was made from the album. So, I have also included a slideshow video of a better song from the same record.

"The Only Thing I Care About" by E

"Shine It All On" by E


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