Band of the Week: Cold War Kids

>> Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Although, their most recent album falls very short of par, this is still one of my favorite bands right now. And its a band that does not nearly get its due. You will notice that their 2006 release Robbers & Cowards cemented itself into my best albums of the decade at a solid number 27. And, if I were to rewrite the list 5 years from now, I can almost guarantee that it would not drop a notch, in fact, I would not be shocked if it climbed. This is still the record I turn to when I want to jam out a bit, or when I feel angsty.

Below you will see 4 videos.
"We Used to Vacation" and "Hospital Beds" from an amazing acoustic session that really allows you to experience his unique voice and delivery, both from Robbers & Cowards.

1 interesting music video from the aforementioned album, "Hang Me Up To Dry," that fills in the gaps from what is missing acoustically.

1 music video, "Something Is Not Right With Me" from their most recent release Loyalty to Loyalty.

"We Used To Vacation" (My Personal Favorite Song, both acoustically, and as it is on the album.)

"Hospital Beds" (Such good lyrics)

"Hang Me Up To Dry"

"Something Is Not Right With Me" (Best track of Loyalty to Loyalty)
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