Band of the Week: Yeasayer

>> Friday, May 14, 2010

This, is a strange fucking band, and yet, I cannot stop listening to them.
They incorrectly and arrogantly describe their sound "Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel." And I'm sure they just said that to confuse the dimwitted reporter that was interviewing them.
I cannot explain myself what they sound like. And I'm sure that if I surveyed all the people the visited this exact blog post, only about 30% of the readers would actually like the 4 videos here. As is with all innovative music, its not for everyone, but those who reach for those new corners of sound, will love it.

Below you will find 4 clips and 5 songs. The first two are music videos from their fantastic 2010 release.

The third is a Take Away Show, which is one of my favorite blogs. It's a french website that jams bands into subways and random livingrooms and gets them to sing their hearts out. As they did with this lovely band. With this video, the intro is a bit long winded, but the songs are amazing. I hope you realize, he is playing percussion with a beer bottle and a handful of house keys.

The fourth is a live studio session from Great track and better live than I expected.


"Ambling Alp"

"2080" & "Tightrope"

"Wait For The Summer"


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