Band of the Week: Nico Stai

>> Saturday, May 22, 2010

With my two posts earlier this week about my random music venture success stories in mind, I would like to share with you my favorite out of all these discoveries. Keep in mind, that I have mentioned 3 artists that have worked out, but, I could name about 200 that have not. This is a rarity.
I'm happy to introduce you to..... Nico Stai
I do not really like to share this guy. He is one of my secrets. But I was recently reading an interview he gave, and it made me realize, that, he will not get discovered without fans spreading his name. He is so feircly independent that he would rather put out his own records and sell maybe 600 copies, than have a label release it to sell a million (which he is fully capable of doing). As part of a band, before he went solo, he saw what a label can do to the creative process. And he has been working on his own thing since.

Seriously, if you like good singer songwriter shit that really gets under your skin and grows with you, on you and around you, this is your guy. Buy everything he does. Seriously.

I am including 4 videos. Three are from the same session that was shot for SxSW, and one is just a crappy slide show. I generally do not like to include those slide show ones, but it is my favorite song of his, and the only usable thing I can find.

"Maybe Maybe" One of my all time favorite songs.

"The Skies Over Your Head" Great track from a great, Great, GREAT album.

"Miss Friday" another great song, from my favorite of his releases.

"3000 Dollar Girl" this is a new song I found while doing this blog. Makes me excited for what could be upcoming....


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