Band of the Week: Glen Phillips

>> Thursday, June 3, 2010

I feel both happy and sad when it comes to this guy. I feel alot of people missed the boat on him, which makes me frown, but I feel like for once, I got to keep one of my true musical treasures a secret, which almost never happens, so that makes me grin.

This former, and current front man of Toad The Wet Sprocket, put out a solo album in the early 00's that i still listen too on a semi regular basis. Which, for my music collection, is an impressive feat. His songs are direct and simple, but the layers are there, the heart in the timber of his voice is so pronounced it can almost be hard not the be affected by it, even after the 100th listen. Give this guy a go. Pick up his work, from his 3 solo albums, to the Toad stuff, as well as his side projects, Mutual Admiration Society and Work Progress Administration.
I would recommend his solo work personally, especially his first Abulum, which sits at number 13 on my best albums of all time list and number 15 on the best albums of the decade, which is interesting in itself. Shows you that a few REALLY good records came out in the last couple years of the decade.

Anyways, Enjoy.

"Fred Meyer" (Please excuse the chit chat for the first 1:20 of the video, its worth your time)

"Darkest Hour"

"Walk On The Ocean" (Toad)

"Drive By"


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