Song of the Day: "Rio" by Hey Marseilles (Music Video)

>> Monday, June 21, 2010

I am not sure there has been a song or band mentioned more times on this blog than the one I am about to reshare with you right now. In fact, if you search my blog for the term "Hey Marseilles Rio" and it came up with 11 mentions, including a Song of the Day just back in March. But, I am willing break my no repeats rule to celebrate today and help spread the word.

Hey Marseilles has finally released a music video. Along with the "official" of their LP shortly, the world is about to find out what I have loved and championed for some time now. And I have to say, for once, its about damn time. There are a lot of bands that I find and keep secret. Some that I even feel betrayed by when they make their mark. But not this band. This is a band that I tell every music lover I know about. This is a band that I put on when the party starts to lull to luff the life back into the room. This is a band that will break my heart if they do not get their due. And, as a lowly blogger, I will do my part to get them there.

This is the perfect music video for the band. One shot, 4 scenes, and a party. (there is a great write up about the band the the video on Check it out.)

"Rio" by Hey Marseilles


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