Band of the Week: Why?

>> Thursday, July 8, 2010

We all have one of these bands in their ipod. Those bands that you forget all about. That never cross your mind, or that you reach out to listen too. But then, there is that one day, where you are uncomfortably hot driving along the water front, speakers maxed, thinking that, perhaps your loud music will help cool the pedestrians, when among the thousands of possible songs that could come on, you get something both perfect and unexpected. That, in a not so nutshell is WHY?

The creative nature of this band is something to behold. Its like they look at "traditional" methods of instrumentation, and say "fuck you!" Just watch the videos below, look at how he is playing piano in "A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under" or how the guitar is being beautifully abused in "The Vowels pt. 2" and you will understand what I mean.

Band of the Week: Why?

"These Hands/January Twenty Something"

WHY? - These Hands / January Twenty Something from anticon. on Vimeo.

"A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under"

WHY? - "A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under" from anticon. on Vimeo.

"The Vowels pt 2." (Live and Rooftop Unplugged)


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