Band of the Week: Ray LaMontagne

>> Friday, August 20, 2010

Now, on to whom I like to call The Bearded Musical Messiah, Mr. Ray LaMontagne, for no other reason, then he has a beard, and if you squint, kinda looks like Jesus.

It still shocks me to this day, when I bring up his name in conversation and people do not know him. And understand, that I bring up a lot of bands that no one knows (most of the time I do this on purpose to sound like a genius), but, this guy, should be known by everyone by now. One of the most unique voices, one of the best writers out the today, and just a hell of an artist, and has one of the best "stories" in music.

Band of The Week: Ray LaMontagne

Allegedly, while working in a shoe factory, he heard a Stephen Stills song, I like to imagine "Tree Top Flyer," quit, and picked his guitar back up and decided to make a go out of it. And the rest is history.

"Trouble" (his biggest hit, you probably know if, even if you didn't know it)

"Shelter" & "Hold You In My Arms" (both of my favorites by him, shelter melts me.)

"Be Here Now" (I love the simple beauty in this song. This song proves that something does not have to be complicated to soar)

"Till The Sun Turns Black" (It is hard to believe that all these songs are recorded live. Crazy great voice)


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