Song of the Day: "Giving Up On Love" by Slow Club

>> Monday, August 16, 2010

Yeah yeah yeah. You're sick of all my Slow Club posts. And I understand, to an extent. Yes, they have been mentioned 8 times on this blog. Yes, I do have a rule about not repeating bands/songs. Yes, I constantly break that rule. But, fuck all of that. I love this band, and this is my song of the day. And from the sneak snippits I have heard from the new record, this is probably only the beginning of me mentioning this band. Super excited.

When I first saw this video, I was way disappointed and I HATED it. But, I think that was just me rejecting a video that did not involve the band itself. But, as I have delved further, and watched with open eyes, this work has really grown on me. To the extent that it has become one of my favorites and probably the most interesting music videos I have found. Oh, and this is my favorite song from their 2009 release, "Yeah, So." So, there's that.

"Giving Up On Love" by Slow Club


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