Song of the Day: "Too Afraid To Love You" by The Black Keys

>> Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ok, so for analogy this to work, you have to suspend this concept called "time." We are working on "Addi time" here.

First off, let me point out, that I know I am well behind the times on this band, but I got a bad taste for them several years ago, and just never gave them a second chance, until I did, and now I'm pumped.

I love this bands sound, its like (absurd broken-time analogy coming) if The Dead Weather, Sleepy Sun, and Cold War Kids all had a threesome, and somehow, one of those bands had an illegitimate rockchild, it would sound like The Black Keys when it cried.

Yes, again, I am well aware that The Black Keys have been around for much longer than all of these bands, but, in my mind, the the timeline of discovery, this all makes sense. Deal.

"Too Afraid To Love You" by The Black Keys

This album has quickly become a favorite for the upper half of my year end blog.


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