Bakers Dozen: Best All Time Hostage Movies of All Time

>> Thursday, December 2, 2010

So, I had a dream a few nights ago that my apartment was made of sand. Like completely made of sand, walls, floor, bed, sister, everything. And on top of that I was being held hostage there. Which is stupid now that I think of it, cause I could have just dug out or something, but that is besides the point. It got me thinking, and when I think, I think movies or music. And since there are not a whole lot of songs about being taken hostage, I give you the best hostage movies. Ta-da!

I was going to post the movie posters (below) and give a mini review of each movie, but then I started to watch the old movie trailers, and wow, the do not make trailers like this anymore. So, I am going to let them speak for themselves. I mean, they do have better voiceover skills than I do.



Toy Soldiers

Die Hard

John Q

Phone Booth

Mad City


The Negotiator

House Arrest

The Inside Man

The River Wild

Suicide Kings


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