Song of the Day: "Audience" by Cold War Kids

>> Friday, December 10, 2010

I think a good EP is an underrated thing in todays musical world. I know we are all about singles singles singles, and when thats not enough we have to have that one album that is so "great." But there is an important transitional period that often gets over looked by record labels, listeners and even bands, that classic Extended Play. More than a single, less than an album. I'ts like the brunch of records.

So, be rest assured that I will have a dedicated second, maybe even its own separate blog just to celebrate 2010's great EP's. Including the one the cut below comes from.

Do not judge me, I realize this is the 15th time I have mentioned this band on the blog. But it is just one of those bands that I will always be able to fit into my life.

"Audience" by Cold War Kids


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