Best Songs Of The Decade, 100-91.

>> Saturday, February 12, 2011

So, we are 400 old. Congratulate us. To celebrate this, we are starting our new list series, a list series I promise we will finish this time. We are proud to present our best songs of the decade. Now, this is one of our competing lists, but with a twist. I will post, side by side, or exact lists. So, when you see #100, you will get two videos, first Stevie's, then my own. To make it easy, I will color code selections for you. Addi's will be in Green, Stevie's will be in Purple. It should be exciting.

After reading both lists, it is clear where we come together and veer apart, but over all, not a bad song in the bunch. I realize the videos are small, just click play to either listen, or click again to open it on YouTube.

This will be a 10 part series. This is part 1. Songs 100-91. Enjoy.

100. "We Want It! We Want It!" -- Boat/"Odds of Being Alone" -- Trent Dabbs and Amy Stroup

99. "Smile Like You Mean It" -- The Kilers/"Nothing Like You And I" -- The Perishers

98. "Ocean Avenue" -- Yellowcard/"Chemical Courage" -- Jack Savoretti

97. "The Wreckoning" -- Boomkat/"Basic Space" -- the xx

96. "The Way You Move" -- Outkast/"Accidental Babies" -- Damien Rice

95. "Mushaboom" -- Feist/ "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" -- John Mayer

94. "Times Like These" -- Foo Fighters/"I Was a Cage" -- Right Away, Great Captain!

93. "Chasing Pavements" -- Adele/"No Air" -- Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown

92. "Rehab" -- Amy Winehouse/"Sleepyhead" -- Passion Pit

91. "Running Up That Hill" -- Placebo/"I Never Knew You" -- Cage


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