Show of the Day: Ivan & Alyosha, Grand Hallway and The Head and the Heart

>> Sunday, May 1, 2011

So, last night at The Moore, the Head and the Heart, yet again, left me flabbergasted. I just wish that exuberant feeling was provided by the rest of the show aswell. It's not that the other bands did not live up to the billing, it was more of a matter of circumstance. Let me explain....
Below you will see a picture of my co-blogger and her other half Ky, stroking his peachfuzz beard. And know this, they were the only two not annoying people in the crowd during the opening acts. So, while Ivan & Alyosha pushed the indie alt folk out into the room, you could hear it, but not feel it, as the alcohol induced hum of the crowd was just too strong. It was so hard to allow myself to be enveloped by the noise. And it only got worse when Grand Hallway took the stage, more people, more alcohol, louder hum all add up to annoyed Addi, Stevie and Ky.
But that all changed, for the most part, when The Head and the Heart took the stage. They awesomed me nearly to death. No wonder they are selling out shows left and right. Portland, tonight, you are in for a treat.

Ivan & Alyosha


Grand Hallway

"Seward Park"

The Head and the Heart

"Down In The Valley"


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