Song of the Day: "Floorplan" by Youth Rescue Mission

>> Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am still constantly falling in love with Youth Rescue Mission. I shared them as a band of the week earlier this year, and because I am lazy, I am just going to reshare some of the key points from that posting.

Youth Rescue Mission, a Seattle band, by way of Montana, has me all in a tizzy. This group of siblings make noises to die for. I keep trying to string together other artists to give you a good description/comparison of style/sound, but all combo's fall short. Yes, you can hear a bit of The Head and the Heart, a dollop of Blind Pilot, a tad of Hey Marseilles, and a smidge of Choir of Young Believers, but in only the littlest of amounts. They are distinctly their own. And I am loving it.

There is one difficult lesson I hope this band learns before they proceed onto their sophomore effort. They are much much stronger when they allow Hannah to take the lead. Now I know, that if I were in a band, I would be hard pressed to let my sister stand up front. But, on this record, the songs that shine the brightest, are those where she leads the pack.

"Floorplan" by Youth Rescue Mission


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