Best of: Empire State of Mind vs. Posse On Broadway - Part One - NYC

>> Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When this blog was started, back in 2007, it was orchestrated over many many miles. 2871 miles to be exact. Stevie, at the time was a very proud New Yorker, and I myself have always been a lifelong Washingtonian. Now, even though Stevie has returned to her roots, she still celebrates her time in NYC on a daily basis, as it lives within her. And as for me, I do not think you will find a bigger Tacoma/Seattle Whore, as it is more then just a home, its a culture.

These two blogs will celebrate the cities/areas that makes your bloggers who they are. These are our best of lists, up first, Stevie's NYC.

Best Eats (Fancy): Casellula {small, wine bar, locally sourced, and amazing ambiance}

Best Eats (Cheap): Any legit pizza place {hello- it's New York}

Best Place to People Watch: Union Square {protests, cupcake shops and a Brazillian restaurant that only hires models}

Best Neighborhood: Williamsburg {Yes it is the birthplace for hipsters and I kind of love that}

Best Place to see Art: The Met {I mean, it's the Met!}

Best Band from NYC: Soul Coughing {Yes I could have picked 13 million others}

Best Trend: Ignoring celebrities {We're not LA}

Best TV Show based in NYC: How I Met Your Mother {Um, it has Neil Patrick Harris!}

Best Landmark: Statue of Liberty {c'mon- it's the Statue of Liberty!!}

Best Book based in NYC: How to Kill a Rockstar {by Tiffanie Debartolo} loosely based on Jeff Buckley

Best Movie Based in NYC: KIDS {1995} A very, very hard choice (Cruel Intentions and The Basketball Diaries were my runner ups).

Best Quiet Place: Gramercy Park {Manhattan} NY has many parks- this one you have to have a key to get in. Beautiful, quiet and private- a hot commodity in New York City.

Best Breakfast: Tom's Diner {Brooklyn} Line out the door all the time, lemon ricotta pancakes, free coffee in real mugs while waiting, plus a song named after it!

Best Movie Theater: AMC Lincoln Square {Manhattan} Think: movie premiers/red carpet

Best Place to see a Show (Fancy): Central Park {Summer Stage}
Okay it's not really a venue per se and its a park so it's not really fancy but its Central Park! C'mon!

Best Place to see a Show (Dive/Cheap): Union Hall {Park Slope}
Bocci Ball + Lodge Feel + Cheap Beer


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