Band of the Week: Dawes

>> Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dawes is a band that snuck right up on me. I was going to a concert for Brett Dennen, and for Brett Dennen only, but, being the audiophile I am, I opted, as I always opt, to make sure I was early enough to catch the opening act. This band that my friend who sold me her tickets to the show, was very excited to see. A band that I had never heard of. This little band called Dawes. A little band the blew me away. A little band, who's album I purchased based on that set alone, is now dead set to end up in the top 5 records of 2011.

Now, I may have been behind on the times when it comes to Dawes, but I'm making up for it with my enthusiasm for them now.

So, with that, I present you, the Band of the Week:

Below, you will find 5 fantastic songs, three of them I would like to thank the fantastic people over at Sleepover Shows for producing and making available. The other's and just a couple songs I could not fathom to leave off this showcase.

"If I Wanted Someone" (Sleepover Show)

"A Little Bit Of Everything"

"How Far We've Come" (Sleepover Show)

"That Western Skyline" (Sleepover Show)

"Million Dollar Bill" (my personal favorite, and one that I uploaded myself)


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