Song of the Day: "Belongings" by Clock Opera

>> Thursday, October 6, 2011

I posted this song and video way back in May, and even though I wrote a pretty glowing review....

I know nothing about this band. Hell, I don't even know if its a full on band or just some genius singular guy. It was one of my Moshi Moshi Records yearly subscription finds. But I know that I love this song. And that, soon, probably within 27 mins, I will know everything I can about Clock Opera. I love how it builds and climbs and just becomes a beautiful beautiful full on tumble of music.
.... I drastically undervalued it. This has grown and grown and grown on me to such an extent that it is far and away my favorite track of the year. I think. I'm pretty sure. Yes.

Give it a go. I think you'll agree.

"Belongings" by Clock Opera


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