Band of the Week: Kim Churchill

>> Sunday, December 4, 2011

I have a singer songwriter for you all to fall in love with. A new unique voice on the landscape of the songsmith. Someone that will ease the tension in your shoulders, get you to stop thinking. Someone that will allow you just to wander aimlessly through the shelter of lyric and melody.

Please meet, The Band of the Week: Kim Churchill
This 20 year old Australian classact and guitar player extraordinaire (watch the second clip for proof) is quickly climbing up the ranks of my favorite Singer Songwriters. A genre any long time reader of this blog will know I take very seriously. I would normally wax on and on (I'm a bit long winded if you hadn't noticed) about how he is this and that. How he sounds like a mixture of that guy and this guy, but I am going to let the music do the talking today. Please watch these videos. There are going to be quite a few, so bear with me. I promise it will be worth your time, as my gut tells me that North America is in for a Kim Churchill song storm in the next year or so.

"Smile As He Goes Home"

"Bathed In Black"

"Will Go Home"

"The Battle of Mr. Shibuya"

"Rusted Wals"

"Turn To Stone"

"Truest Intentions" (Thanks to Green Couch Sessions for this Awesome Video)

Visit for more info and to purchase this kids lovely tunes. 


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