Song of the Day: "Manhattan" by The BGP

>> Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sorry reader. I have gone quiet the last few days. I had a family hangover. But I am back and I have some very exciting things to share of the next couple days. I have it all planned out.

First and foremost, I have something you are guaranteed to love. Money back. The BGP have long been one of the recurring staples on this blog, as they should be, as the NW soul sound is bursting at the seams, and they are at the forefront. This is a band that is one real break away from an Allen Stone or Pickwick type rise. Fame and fortune awaits, I am certain. And, if they keep releasing such refreshingly awe-inspiring live clips like this, I fathom that break is not far off.

Just a few weeks ago, I listed my favorite live music clips from 2011, and this video makes me wish I didn't make a rule against revisions. Because, if this had been released prior to that list, it surely would have been right near the top, if not king of the hill. Well done boys, well done.

"Manhattan" by The BGP


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