Bakers Dozen: Best Sports Movies: Baseball

>> Saturday, February 11, 2012

OK. So, it may be time to get back to making real lists. I mean, we do call ourselves Listologies and everything. So, here we go.

For a long time now, and I mean years, I have been mulling over the idea of doing a best sports movies list, divided by sport. But, I could never settle on a ranking. Writing and rewriting over and over again. But, I figured, a prefect order doesn't really matter, not really. So, I just jumped in. First off, Baseball. I realize it is not baseball season, but I am doing these in reverse order of my favorite sports. So I hope you enjoy. 
You'll notice, Pride of The Yankees and Bang The Drum Slowly are not featured, this is not an error.

1. Bull Durham
This is not just a movie about baseball, it is a moving life lesson. This far and away Kevin Costner's best work, not counting Waterworld.

2. League Of Their Own
This is no chick flick. Don't even give me crap about it. It has more heart and love for baseball than almost any of the guy-centric flicks on this list.

3. Moneyball
This is new, and some might scoff that it is ahead of Field of Dreams and The Sandlot, but it is probably my9 second favorite film of 2012, and that says a hell of a lot. The acting is by both leads is spectacular.

4. Field Of Dreams
Does K. Costner make anything but baseball movies?! I know the answer of that is no, but I wish it was  yes.

5. The Sandlot
There are not many kids movies that resonate with adults as much as this one does. It does not matter if you are 9 or 90, you will love this movie.

6. For Love Of The Game
I know that I am on my own with this movie. It's long, plodding, and a bit heavy handed. But I love it. Honestly and truly. Yet again, Mr. Costner shines, but its Jena Malone that steals the show on this one.

7. The Rookie
When I first wrote this list, I had this movie all the way up at number 3, then later, down at number 11. This is the movie that prevented me from publishing this list for the last few years. But, it is so great.

8. 8 Men Out
Just look at that cast. The acting. And the heartbreak of Buck getting banned for no reason. One of the most tragic stories in baseball history, told beautifully.

9. Major League
Who knew dysfunction could be so damn funny. Far and away the funniest baseball movie ever made.

10. The Natural
I know this would be near, if not on the top, of so many other peoples list. And don't get me wrong, it's great, but its also so boring!

11. Brewster’s Millions
I know most of you do not consider this a baseball movie, but Monty is a baseball player, and what does he do with his money? He sets up his minor league team against the NYY. Granted, there is a lot more going on than baseball, but the movie is all the better for it.

12. Sugar
This is a dark horse kind of baseball movie. I know more people who have never heard of this than have seen it. If you have not seen it, watch it. I think 20 years from now, this will be considered a landmark sports movie.

13. Hardball
Yeah, I know. But it was either this or Angles In The Outfield. And this felt less wrong.


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