Song of the Day: "Fire" by Carson Henley

>> Sunday, April 8, 2012

Every nowandthen, we at Listologies get contacted by management, labels, artist reps and occasional artists themselves asking us to review or share their sound on our site. Most of the time, I let these requests fall to the wayside. Not because I am above it all or anything like that, but because, mostly I don't want to share something that I can't stand behind, and not all the sounds that filter into our inbox are gems. However, I do listen to everything that comes our way, because you just never know. And because of that OCDness, we have a great tune to share with you today.

Earlier this week The Artist Rep from Hey! Listen To This! Music contacted us about a new project that Carson Henley just finished up that kinda blew me away. For 100 straight waking hours, he, with the help of a worldclass producer, and a bevy of fantastic musicians (just from watching the trailer, I see Tess Henley & Allen Stone) locked himself away in a studio to write, compose, learn, and record an entire album. Yeah, that's right. An entire record, start to finish, in 100 hours. Seems like a cross between the best and the stupidest idea ever, which I think is the line any true artist needs to learn to walk. Judging from the results, Carson found his sound.

If you are a NW audiophile like myself, then you no doubt already know and are probably a fan of Carson Henley, as he has been one of the driving forces in the Seattle Soul scene since his 2008 debut album. But, if you are like me, you may feel that he has been slightly in the shadow of his younger sister Tess for the last couple years. But, from the sound that is pouring out of him on the track "Fire" below, I think that shadow is quickly shrinking. But damn! What a talented family.

Below the track, there is a trailer for the Documentary for the 100Hour Project that will be released around the same time as the album. I am stoked for both. Enjoy.

"Fire" by Carson Henley
 Carson Henley - Fire (NEW SINGLE) - 100 HOURS by CarsonHenley


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