Song of the Day: "Daydreaming" by Tess Henley

>> Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guess who's back bitches?! I'm sorry, that's rude. But I'm damn excited, I finally got the olly olly oxen free from the doctor to remove my stupid wrist brace and return to my normal, blog lovin life.

With that. I am excited to share with you a fantastic little diddy from the overly talented Henley family.

I had the hardest time not posting this one handed in last two weeks, but one handed does not do Tess Henely justice. And I just realized how wrong that sounds. Not gonna change it. This song was sent over by my favorite artists rep who has yet let me down with the sounds she shares.

Tess is working hard and finishing up her new album, and if this song is at all representative of whats to come, it should skyrocket her into stardom. The soundscape is perfectly set up for her right now, and I have little doubt that she will make her mark. Soon, Carson and Tess will take over the world, soul by soul.

"Daydreaming" by Tess Henley


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