Song of the Night: "Don't Forget Me" by Le Wrens

>> Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I realize I just wrote a song of the day, but by doing so I realized something.

This, what you are reading right now, is our 700th post here at Listologies. Not a number to celebrate, but it is pretty rad/sad to sit back and realize how much time I have probably spent sitting here, putting my shit out there, and actually having you all read it. So, thanks.

To celebrate this mini milestone I am going to share with you the second Le Wrens song that left me physically affected in the past week. Now, the entire Gundersen clan has talent just falling out of them individually  but this Gundersen Grouping comes together is such a beautifully graceful and dynamic way. Le Wrens is like the tide, natural, yet immensely powerful. Craveable heartbreak.  I do not know that I love a band more RIGHT now, then I do here.

 "Don't Forget Me" by Le Wrens


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