*Bakers Dozen* Best All Time Movies. (plus 7 others)

>> Tuesday, December 16, 2008

*Original Posting Date - Tuesday, December 25, 2007

This is my first run at my all time favorite movies list. I have them in order this time. So feel free to judge me on that. I have also included 7 extra to make it an even twenty. you try to just narrow it down and not feel guilty for leaving something you know you love out. i have included a little reason of why i love these movies.
*writers note, i removed good will hunting because I left off a movie that i easily consider to be one of the best stories out there. So, number 19 is now Life as a House.*
1. Once.

Simply, the most touching, heart breaking, soul dancing film I have ever seen. It a story of two people falling in love, but never really getting there. Its honest.
2. Schinlder's List

I am not sure this one needs an explanation. his is a beautiful film that reaches inside of you and wakes you up to the history of our world.
3. Garden State

This may be a little high for some people, it may be a little low for others, that's what this movie does to people. It tears at you. I love this movie. It is well written, well acted and the music is a character of the film. I think in ten years this film will be looked at as a defining moment in cinema for people my age.
4. The Boondock Saints

This is number one on several of my friends lists. It is an amazing film that was lost in the shuffle because it was released around the Columbine Tragedies. But it is nearly flawless.
5. Almost Famous

Almost famous, what to say. its simply brilliant. I can watch it often and never find myself board or not enthralled. Its great.
6. SLC Punk!

This is one of a few wild cards that you may not recognize on my list. This acting performance my Matt Lillard is breathtaking. If you have not seen this movie, then you are honestly missing out on a career defining moment.
7. Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind

The imagery alone in this film merits this spot, but it is even out done by the acting. And it marks the first appearance of Jim Carrey to the list. (Sad I know)
8. The Pianist

I saw this in the theater and went back the next day to make my dad see it. At the time, it was not getting noticed, but i promised my dad that he would be named best actor at the end of the year, with out a doubt. And he was. That's how good he is in this. He carries this film. Amazing.
9. American Beauty

This choice is obvious. Great film.
10. The Shawshank Redemption

This may be a little low for this film, and I think I agree. Great acting, great writing, great everything.
11. Big Fish

This is the second wild card on my list. Another film that was missed by a lot of people, but trust me, you want to take the journey that is this film. It is another world that will leave you wanting so much more.
12. Leon (The Professional)

This is my 3rd wild card pick. It was a popular film overseas, but never really got footing over here, marks the second appearance of Natalie Portman on this list. And she is captivating even at 12 years old..
13. American History X

If you really have to ask why this film is on here, then you have not really watched it. Powerful.
14. When Harry Met Sally

Best romantic comedy of all time. Hands down. I want this kind of love. Slow growing, cannot live without you passion.
15. Hackers

This is a personal choice, and my final real wildcard pick. I just love this movie, and most those who grew up with me are in the same boat.
16. The Truman Show

I hated this movie when I saw it in the theater. I will be honest. It was not until college and I was in film school that I grew to love this movie. It was the feature film of my screen writing final, and I must say, that it is a perfectly written film
17. The Virgin Suicides

This book, made me love this film. The acting is on point, the story of 4 boys loving 5 girls they do not know, trying so desperately to understand them draws me. Great start for a director.
18. Requiem for a Dream

This movie sticks with you. And as my film professor once said after I loaned him the movie, "This was so good, I'm glad I was not depressed when I started watching it, or I would have killed myself." it is a true tragedy.

19. Life as a House
This story is one of the best I have seen. Acting is top notch, and the feature is just well written all around. One of the only movies that can bring me to tears.
20. William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet (Updated version)

This movie, it was a late entry and had to fight off the likes of Say Anything, Empire Records, Good Will Hunting, Its a Wonderful Life, Glory, Sister Act 2, Rent, Newsies, The Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys, Wonder Boys High Fidelity. But, ultimately, it is a masterful work.


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