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>> Tuesday, December 16, 2008

*Original Posting Date - Sunday, July 13, 2008
I am feeling ambitious. I will, for the entertainment of…. well mostly myself, post my top 50 albums of all time, in order. Wish me luck. Judge me if you feel the need. I am avoiding compilations and greatest hits. I will often include anecdotes about why certain albums merit ranking. Enjoy.
You will notice that I seem to lack some of the classics, Eagles, Beatles, Stones, and so on. However, while reflecting on this list, I decided not to do a categorically best ever list, but a best to me and my life list. If I was having a bad day, I would not turn to The Beatles, or The Rolling Stones, but to Damien Rice and David Gray. If I really wanted to celebrate, I would not necessarily put on the Eagles or CSN, but the New Radials and The Refreshments. So this list, is my personal life music list.

  1. August and Everything After - Counting Crows

My favorite memory of all time is sitting on the deck, avoiding the heat of the sunlight with my DiscMan, up at Roche Lake, singing along to this CD under my breath. Seriously, it could be no other.
  1. Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too – The New Radicals.

What do I say about this CD. It may just be the best CD you have never listened too. It is complete and perfect.
  1. O – Damien Rice.

This CD got me through.
  1. Live at the Point – Matt Nathanson

This is maybe the newest CD on this list. It is hard to explain, I just feel connected to it, and it was instant. Others who I have forced this on, have also fallen in love with it.
  1. Moondance – Van Morrison.

Do I really need to elaborate?
  1. Australia – Howie Day

Seriously, if you have not listened to "Morning After" on this disc, you are missing out on a feeling that would make your emotional pie chart whole.
  1. Continuum – John Mayer

I was always a fan of John Mayer, liked all his work, but this Album made me a believer.
  1. White Ladder – David Gray

Complete. Amazing.
  1. Gold – Ryan Adams

We all have that album that you always forget how good it is, then you toss it in, perhaps feeling a little nostalgic, and it just blows you away. To me, it is "Gold"
  1. Songs From Stamford Hill – Wood

Ok, this is one of a few no name bands that will be on my list, this album is amazing, this band was amazing, but short lived, if you can find this one, pick it up, cherish it.
  1. 9 – Damien Rice
  2. Misguided Roses – Edwin Mccain
  3. Abulum – Glen Phillips

Toad The Wet Sprocket's front man's first solo release. Saw him open for The Counting Crows down in Portland, man, he stole the show.
  1. Awake – Secondhand Serenade

Want to drowned in self pity with layers of acoustic guitar and a heartbreaking voice?
  1. Sublime – Sublime

On no other album, do you anticipate the beginning of the next song when the previous song ends, as you do with Sublime.
  1. B-Sides and Rarities – The Format

Another new band, and I realize I said I would avoid compilations, however, these are all different versions of previous released songs, and half the cd is stuff the only played live. And, its amazing.
  1. Son of a Son of a Sailor – Jimmy Buffett

My Dad.
Picking which Buffett album to put on here, was the biggest challenge. I could do a whole top twenty of just Buffett.
  1. Tracy Chapman – Tracy Chapman
  2. Stop All The World Now – Howie Day
  3. These Streets – Paolo Nutini
  4. The Man Who – Travis

If I were actually a gay man, like many of you have accused, this would have been number one on my list. It is a story of a man coming to grips with who he is. It is beautiful.
  1. Losing Streak – Less Than Jake

  1. A More Perfect World – Mary Beth

This is another one of those unknowns, just think, soft lyrics, piano, and an angelic voice. I made my one and only music video to her cover of "Tracks of My Tears." Stevie (Listology Contributor) and Kyle starred in it. It is a great memory. Thanks you two.
  1. Mental Jewelry - Live

Ok, so, out of all the Live albums, this is their least well known, but, I think their best. They are still a small, just out of highschool, band with big eyes and a sharp tongue. The pull no punches on this album.
  1. Life In Slow Motion – David Gray

Listen to the song "Slow Motion" and tell me it does not make your stomach turn.
  1. Once Soundtrack РGlen Hansard & Markéta Irglová
  2. Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy – The Refreshments

Happy CD.
  1. Little Earthquakes – Tori Amos

I thought Tori Amos was crazy, not the good crazy either. But a beautiful woman once played me this cd, gave me a glass of red wine, and talked to me about secrets. Changed my perceptions.
  1. 3EB – Third Eye Blind
  2. Nickel Creek – Nickel Creek

Half this CD is instrumental, and I would not have it any other way.
  1. Pieces of You – Jewel
  2. Lemon Parade – Tonic
  3. Live at Luther College – Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds

Another Compilation CD. But, it is mostly the Tim Reynolds Show.
  1. Songs About Jane – Maroon 5
  2. Do You Want More? – The Roots

Ok, so I am a huge Hip- Hop fan, however, almost all Hip-Hop CDs have the same problem, they are only ever half complete. There are always too many throw away songs. This is not only the exception to the rule, but the standard.
  1. Aijuswanaseing – Musiq Soulchild

What was said above about Hip-Hop can also be applied to R&B, and this CD.
  1. Yourself or Someone Like You – Matchbox Twenty
  2. Any Time Now – OAR

I had no clue who these guys were, there were just "And Guest" on the ticket stub to the Train concert at the Gorge. You will notice that they are listed higher than Train. Happy accidents.
  1. Free City – St. Lunatics

  1. Broken String – Bishop Allen

Ok, so, this cd is another unknown band, but this is one that I believe will be huge in 2 more years, than you will all understand why I have them on here….
  1. EP's Collection Vol. II – Bishop Allen

….twice. This, band, while between labels, but together an EP every month for a year. This is months Aug -Dec.
  1. Train – Train
  2. Throwing Copper – Live

People forget how good this album is. I did, until putting together this list.
  1. Under The Table and Dreaming – Dave Matthews Band

For the song Satellite alone this cd would make my list. However, it is amazing.
  1. Broken Toy Shop – E

If you know the Eels, than you are familiar with E. This is a little more stripped down, but just as experimental.
  1. Undiscovered – James Morrison

Another new CD. Very, very good. But out of all of the CD's on this list, this have the most potential to fall off.
  1. Movement in Still Life – BT
  2. Indecent Proposal – Timbaland & Magoo

Even though this album has a couple throw away tracks, the brutal fire of the others makes up for it.
  1. EP's Collection Vol. I – Bishop Allen

…. and three times. The months Jan. – July. Not as good as Vol. II, but still worthy of this list. And the only artist on here three times, I guess that says something. Hmm.
  1. Trouble/Til The Sun Turns Black - Ray LaMontagne

I got both these albums at once, have listened to them together on shuffle, so I really can not separate them anymore. Give me a break. So there are 51.


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