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>> Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bakers Dozen - Best All Time LUNCH MEATS!

1. Ham - I mean, come one, that's easy. Nothing better than a honey smoked ham on a soft roll.

2. Pork/Pulled Pork - This is honestly my personal favorite, and yes, technically, lunch meats are meant to be eaten cold, and pulled pork is generally best warm, but it is just awesome enough cold to make this spot on the list.

Bologna - (I had to sing to spell it, awesome) This, is my guilty pleasure lunch meat. You know what I mean. You place it on the conveyor belt and try not to make eye contact with the cashier, like your buying condoms, tampons, and toilet paper all in one visit, but its a meat. No meat not named veal should make you feel this awkward.

4. Meatloaf - Toss a little Ketchup on your leftovers, slap on some old school "Wonder Bread" and enjoy.

5. Turkey - Another really safe bet, although, I would avoid it in the Lunchable form. Ew.

6. Pastrami - This sandwich is like dating a Canadian, it feels exotic because they are from another country, but they are just basically a slow American.

7. Mortadella - If you have not tried this meat, give it a shot. I found it at the Meat and Cheese Italian Deli at Pikes Place. Really, really good.

8. Chicken - Historically.... safe bet. Kinda boring.

9. Roast Beef - This, as I have grown up, is becoming an acquired taste.

10. Summer Sausage - I don't know what that is, but the name makes me think of summer camp in 8th grade. hmmm.

11. Salami - Not an everyday option, but a good way to mix up your routine.

12. Prosciutto - Yes, basically ham, unless prepared correctly, the salty brine shrivels your tongue in the best of ways.

13. Day after Thanksgiving Leftovers - Should be number one for the chance to put dark meat on a sandwich alone, but it is technically not a lunch meat.


Stevie December 18, 2008 at 5:47 PM  

No way! Totally disagree! First of all I would put bologna first. It's just processed deliciousness. Then I would have to say...
2. Pepperoni
3. Salami
4. Chorizo
5. Roast beef
6. bacon
7. prosciutto
8. pork
9.summer sausage
10. Turkey

I hate ham!

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