The best music in my iPod that you’re probably not listening to, but you should.

>> Friday, December 18, 2009

This I my list of underexposed music. Bands that do not nearly the attention they should. And it’s a real shame. This is listed in order of amount of plays, not necessarily by the best or preference, just who I am currently listening to the most. Just as a rule, I am going to try to avoid local bands, because, that is just not really fair, I mean, how are you going to listen to that band down the street from me?
I will give little notes about each band. Enjoy.
Los Campesinos!
First, seriously? how are people not catching on yet! A chaotic little big rock band from Cardiff, Wales that is energy personified. Every melody bleeds enthusiasm. This is my most anticipated record for 2010.
Slow Club
My favorite record from 2009 and maybe my favorite band overall right now. Another band from ‘cross the pond that is making a big noise, but this time with little numbers. Great stuff.
Right Away, Great Captain
This is a side project of the lead singer of Manchester Orchestra. The songs feel a bit old fashioned but in an fantastic way. Overflowing with nautical roots, this is the best kinda “theme” album.
The Civil Wars
I recommend you download their free, live at Eddies Attic album to understand the understated beauty that is this band. It’s a little country, it’s a little folk, and it is 100% great. Click here for that free record download.
One-Eyed Mule
Another brilliant rockband from Denmark. This is good oldfashioned Rock n’ Roll! From songs like “Where You Don’t Belong” and “Sad Little Love Song” this is the kind of pulsating rock that makes you want smoke a cigarette.
Yes Please
Is composed of a singersongwriter that considers herself a duel citizen of both Olympia and San Francisco. Sadly, she is no longer recording under this name, but the album "For Now, for Then, for Them" is very special. An artist that was born to be featured on Gray’s Anatomy.
Hey Marseilles
Broke my rule. Local. But very, very good. A seven piece band composed of multi instrumentalists. A full sound. But not an overplayed sound.
Ray LaMontange
I am always surprised when I mention the Bearded Musical Messiah and someone doesn’t know who I am talking about. But, I guess, somehow he has flown under the radar. One of the most soulful and engaging singersongwriters out there.
Nico Stai
Unopon reviewing my ipod for this list, it shocked me how often I have listened to this little indie rocker from LA. But his EP’s from the last couple years have been in heavy rotation on several playlists.
Choir of Young Believers
Simple and lovely. This rock band from Denmark have an amazingly haunting sound that you have to hear to grasp and appreciate.
Jon McLaughlin
Ok, this guy is Disney. And if I would have listened to his singersongwriter pop rock before I saw him in concert I am not sure I would have liked this. But the man killed it live and it made his record so much better. And every nowandthen it’s good to indulge in sugar poprock.
A newer band and an honorable mention on my 2009 list. It’s another ensemble band. I guess I have a trend these last couple years. Great lyrics and catchy as all get out. Enjoy “The Walls Are Coming Down”
Rah Rah
This band is hard to find real info on, outside of a crappy myspace page, some blogs of their album being avail on itunes there is not an abundance of knowledge about this band. But the album Going Steady, and the song ”My Guarantee” is incredibly pleasant.
*Apparently, Rah Rah has changed their name to Turning Heads. Thus the lack of info.
Jack Savoretti
Jack had an album that was lost in the shuffle with the Ray LaMontagne’s and Damien Rices of the world. Now this album is not as strong as, by a long shot, as these other artist, but there is a couple AMAZING songs on here. Listen too “Chemical Courage” and “Soldier's Eyes”


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