Song of the Day: "Kiss Me Again" by Jessica Lea Mayfield

>> Friday, January 29, 2010

Sometimes, you find a song that just makes you shut up a listen. In fact, I wrote a whole list of those songs, here.
If I were to tackle that job again, which I would prefer not to, as it was one of the more difficult lists to compose, I would have to include this song. But this version of this song only.
Its funny, with a single guitar, walking around a lobby, she sounds so rich, full, sexy and sad. But, when listening to her album version, which I have also inlcuded below the video, that fullness falls off to the wayside. Which is strange, becuase she is working with her full band. I guess there is just something to be said about a sad sexy voice that craves.

I hope you enjoy.

"Kiss Me Again" by Jessica Lea Mayfield


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