The Alphabet List: Letter "F"

>> Friday, April 30, 2010

And on we go..... This is our continuing, 26 part, Alphabet List. We have been trying to limit these lists to 10 entries, but I do not deal with limits well. Especially since I was so excited to write the list for this letter. I actually bartered letters with Stevie to get this one. I have so many bands that I love that begin with the letter "F" that I absolutely love.

Now you will notice on this list that I do not have those classic rock bands on here. In fact only four of these bands were even created in the 90's. There are so many up and coming bands that choose f names for whatever reason, that I just could not find the room to include them.

*Side note.... This is our 200th post. WooHoo!!! This kinda snuck up on us, or else we would have put together a calabro, competition list. We will try to set that up for 250 or 300. Enjoy.

1. The Format
It's a crying shame this band broke up with out me getting to see them preform like this in concert. It seems like it would be fantastic. But, with out this break up, we would not have the band sitting at number 3 on this very list.
"Matches" & "I'm Actual"

2. Fink
This might be a little high, even for me, and I'm writing the damn list. But this is one of the best songs ever recorded in my opinion. When I rewrite my best songs of all time in 2015, this will almost certainly be top 10. And its a great video.
"This Is The Thing"

3. fun.
When The Format fell apart, I was super sad. Than I heard fun. and knew it was the right progression for the amazing voice and creative force of both bands Nate Ruess. This skyrocketed up my list of best albums of 2009, and several songs are so good they will join Fink on the best of all time list in 2015.
"The Gambler"

4. First Aid Kit
My favorite new band. There is something majestic about simple melodies, great lyrics and beautiful harmonies that set all the wrongs in the world right with one verse. To know more about this great duo, check out my Band of the Day post from earlier this week.
"Our Own Pretty Ways"

5. Fanfarlo
One of my little secret bands. Great sound, a little bit of a throw back. For whatever reason, I hear Madness when I listen. Great stuff tho. If you do not know, and you like music, you need to know.
"Harold T. Wilkins"

6. Fatboy Slim
How could I not include Fatboy Slim? I mean, the name alone is awesome. Let alone he probably had one of the best selling "techno" albums of all time.
"Rockafeller Skank"

7. The Fugees
This will be the only time you will ever see me compare the The Format and The Fugees, but this is one of those bands that ended too early, but spurred on better things. The short run of this band was special and inspired so much of todays modern R&B and HipHop. I mean, would be have Black Eyed Peas if not for The Fugees? I think not.
"Ready Or Not"

8. The Fray
I kinda got sick of this band a bit. But I do not think that is their fault. When you are this polished and commercial, you will be everywhere. But me being sick of them does not at all dismiss how great their debut record was. One of the best debuts of all time. This song has a special meaning to me, almost haunting. My best friend once gave me this song, and not in the nicest of ways, but it was a good wakeup call.
"How To Save A Life" (Acoustic)

9. Frightened Rabbit
This is a great track from a great 2010 album. A album that is surefire for the year end list. This is my favorite song off that record so far. Great band, unique voice, masterful lyrics.
"Swim Until You Can't See Land"

10. Fleet Foxes
I cannot write about Fleet Foxes without mentioning First Aid Kit, as their sounds are so connected to me. This is sonic folk. The harmonies, the melodies, the skilled musicianship is not very ofter surpassed from this point. I would punch anyone that tried to fight me on the quality of the talent on display here. Sure, it may not be your tastes, but you cannot deny this shit.
"Sun Giant"

11. Fruit Bats
This is a new band, a band that was suggested by Stevie's mister last year. I really liked it, and it was honorable mention for the best of 2009 list. I think if I would have found this earlier in the year, when my plate wasn't so crowded, so to speak, it would have hit harder.
"The Ruminant Band"

12. Foo Fighters
One of the steadiest bands in memory. Still cranking out music in one from or another year after year. You could not turn on a radio, go to a movie, or basically sneeze in the 90's with out hearing some Foo.

13. Fastball
You may not realize you know this band, but click play below and you will surely remember. This is often considered a one hit wonder band, but to me that cannot be further from the truth. All The Pain Money Can Buy was one of the most complete records of the 90's. It's sad that most people didn't realize that.
Honorable Mention
Fleetwood Mac
Fang Island


Stevie May 1, 2010 at 12:49 PM  

I was so confused why you have 13 and not like 10 or 15 but then I remembered your special like that. I think we would have had some of the same but I would have put frightened rabbits, Fugees, the Fray and the Foo Fighters all at the beginning and of course Fleetwood Mac would have been number one. Fuel would have replaced one. Maybe some Five for Fighting? Flaming Lips? Flogging Molly? For Real? Foreigner? Oh and Foxy Brown for sure.

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