Songs of The Day: "It Doesn't Have To Be Beautiful" and "Thinking Drinking Sinking Feeling" by Slow Club

>> Thursday, April 1, 2010

I CANNOT believe that I have not posted Slow Club as a song of the day. I am the biggest idiot of all time. Just fyi. This is easily my favorite band of 2009, and have not yet relinquished that title in 2010. I have chosen two videos to share, that exemplify both sides of this amazing duo. The first is one of my current favorite songs, and it keeps growing on me. Its raucous, playful and frenetic. So much enegry from a little group. And yes, she does really play the drums standing all the time, you should see her play the chair. Yeah, you read that right. The second video is just as great, but such a different feel. It is a mellow little acoustic ditty with lots of wordplay. Oh yeah, these guys can write a song too. As mentioned by Gareth Los Campesinos of Los Campesinos! on his best albums of the year blog "I am desperate to play shows with Slow Club. Rebecca’s is my favourite voice of the year, and their live shows are life affirming. Lyrically as well, I don’t think they get anywhere near the credit they deserve. Really beautiful, touching stuff."

This may be the most random blog I have ever written, but I am so damn excited to share these guys with more people. Seriously, one of my favorite records of all time now, spend 10 bucks and pick it up. Support indie music!

"It Doesn't Have To Be Beautiful" by Slow Club

"Thinking Drinking Sinking Feeling" by Slow Club


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