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>> Thursday, May 20, 2010

Inspired by Stevie's Up And Coming Book List, I am going to start the same thing with my music purchased for the year. My favorite blog to write is my year end music review. And it be honest, I start it in January of each year. I start collecting music as soon as possible, and use a smart playlist to amass them all in one place for easy listening and examining. As we stand on 5/21, I have purchased 52 albums from 2010 (including records released after 10/1/2009 to today. How am I expected to judge an album in less than three months? It's impossible. So the last 3 months are tagged on to the next year.) That is 14 more records added to this list since 4/24. Thats less than a month. This is an issue that may actually be a compulsion. This is depressing. Anyways....

Below you will see a quick list of the albums I have picked up so far this year. I will try to update them every month or so. If I have an opinion of the record, will post a quick note, but keep in mind, I may change mine.

Original Post was on 4/24. I have since wasted even more money.

New Albums are in GREEN, with my new and updated thoughts of previously posted albums in BLUE.

Adam Green (from The Moldy Peaches) - "Minor Love" Pretty good, like Mike Doughty lite. I think if he took himself more seriously, so would I.

The Album Leaf - "A Chorus of Storytellers" Falling From the Sun is a hell of a song, have not absorbed the rest of the record yet.

Band Of Horses – “Infinite Arms” Too new to judge.

Beach House - "Teen Dream" Borderline and fading.

Bear In Heaven – “Beast Rest Forth Mouth” Too new to judge.

The Big Pink – “A Brief History Of Love” Too new to judge.

the bird and the bee – “Interpreting the Masters Volume 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates” This should NOT work. But it does, and it has a REAL chance to grow on me enough to make my list. If I ever make an ironic music list, this will be a shoo-in.

Broken Bells - "Broken Bells" Recommended by Stevie's Mister, so far it’s a good pick up, need to cycle through a few more times.

Broken Social Scene – “Forgiveness Rock Record” Too new to judge, but early reports are strong.

Bryan Scary & the Shredding Tears - "Mad Valentine" Don't like.

Colonies – “Thirty Thousand” Too new to judge.

Dum Dum Girls - "I Will Be" Too new to judge. Couple GREAT tracks, but a few tracks do not make a record.

The Dutchess & The Duke - "Sunset/Sunrise" Slipping from very good to…eh.

Fang Island - "Fang Island" Why the hype. Nothing special so far.

First Aid Kit - "The Big Black and The Blue" AMAZING. I LOVE THIS RECORD. I have since purchased the whole catalog and will be seeing them on 6/5.

Frightened Rabbit - "The Winter of Mixed Drinks" Surefire. Very Very Good.

fun. “fun. Presents Selected Selections From Their First Full-length Album, Heretofore Known as, 'Aim and Ignite', Performed Acoustically Live At Fingerprints” Very Very good

Girls - "Album" Released last week of Sept. in 2009. This is the record I regret the most leaving off last years list. It is a hell of a record, and I am bending my Oct. rule to get it the attention it deserves.

Horse Feathers – “Thistled Spring” Very relaxed record. Great to just shut your eyes too.

Janelle Monae – “The ArchAndroid” Too new to judge. Like, I just got this 30 mins ago.

Jason Castro - "Jason Castro" Former American Idol singersongwriter needs to continue to grow. Not a bad release, but a little immature.

Jeff Jacobson - "Lunch in the Park" This should be forgettable, its run of the mill singersongwriter stuff, but I never change the song when shuffle stumbles onto this. I think I like it.

The Joy Formidable – “A Balloon Called Moaning” Interesting, but unsure of where it fits in.

Julian Casablancas - "Phrazes For The Young" Interesting, but unsure.

Justin Nozuka - "You I Wind Land And Sea" If I was in an unhealthy place in my life. If I was heavily depressed or sedated, I would LOVE this record. But I think I am too content for it. It is good, but very depressing.

Little & Ashley - "Stole My Heart EP" This is the music behind those adorable amazon kindle commercials. Very cute indie pop.

Local Natives - "Gorilla Manor" Surefire.

Los Campesinos! - "Romance is Boring" This was my most anticipated release of the year, but the band has lost something for me. Do not get me wrong, this is a good recording, with some great individual songs. But this is not a great record. Not like their first two. Not sure if it will make my list, which is shocking to me.

The Magnetic Fields - "Realism" My least favorite of the year so far.

Mia Carruthers and The Retro's - "We Will Grow EP" Too new to judge.

Matt Pond PA – “The Dark Leaves” Good, but kinda forgettable.

The Middle East - "The Recordings of the Middle East EP" Nice so far but, too new to judge.

Mike Doughty - "Sad Man Happy Man" Little disappointing, except for the bonus tracks and covers.

Mimicking Birds - "Mimicking Birds" Top five as of today. Great, GREAT, album.

The Morning Benders - "Big Echo" Pretty good. Need more spins.

Mumford & Sons – “Sigh No More” Surefire. Great record.

Murs & 9th Wonder – “Fornever” Too new to judge. Still have not found that great hip-hop album of 2010.

The National – “High Violet” Too new to judge.

Nick Jaina - "A Bird In The Opera House" This is really growing on me.

One-Eyed Mule – “Drifting to a Happy Place” So far, so good. Very Excited to see where this record takes me.

Peirson Ross – “Reverse & Ready – Side B – EP” Great to shut your eyes to and just fade into.

Portugal. The Man - "American Ghetto" Very good record with great potential. Surefire.

Sad Brad Smith - "Love Is Not What You Need" SOLID

She & Him - "Volume Two" Borderline, but probable.

Sleepy Sun – “Fever” & “Open Eyes EP” Too new to judge.

South China - "Washingtons" Unimpressed for the most part. Almost always hit “next”
Surfer Blood - "Astro Coast"
Purchased today. I texted KGB and asked, "What is the best album of the year so far?" and Surfer Blood was what they told me, so I buy. Just alright. Damn KGB.

The Tallest Man On Earth - "The Wild Hunt" Surefire. Top three possible, top five probable.

Titus Andronicus - "The Monitor" When I heard indie rock themed around the Civil War I thought I could be very interesting. And it is interesting, just not very good.

Toro Y Moi - "Causers Of This" Don’t really like.

Trent Dabbs - "Your Side Now" Very solid singersongwriter stuff. Might really grow on me. Hasn’t so far.

Vampire Weekend - "Contra" When I first picked this up, I thought it was too much the same. But now that I have run it through more than a few times, I am starting to love it.

Wakey!Wakey! - "Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You...." The best record of the year so far. It's overtly poppy, but in an unobnoxious way. It is really wonderful. Songs like Car Crash and Dance So Good will surely be near the top of my best songs list.

Wale - "Attention Deficit" Very good. So far, the best hip-hop of ‘10

Yeasayer - "Odd Blood" Strange fucking record that I am really really liking.

Sweetheart 2010 - Various Artists. Quality all the way through. Likes of Hey Marseilles, Spoon and Jose Gonzalez.


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