Songs of the Day: "Take a Message" "The Way I Feel" & "Rocksteady" by Remy Shand

>> Thursday, May 20, 2010

***Updated 10/5/11 with videos that work***

With yesterdays blog in mind, I have scoured my music collection to find an artist that I know you missed out on. I will give you a dollar if you can show me you own this record. Unless your a Canadian Soul lover from the early 00's.
Today's random music venture success story is..... Remy Shand.
Talent gets my attention, always. In the early 00's I was on a serious R&B and Hip Hop kick. I thought Dru Hill and St. Lunatics (who have a new record out soon) kicked major ass, if you can believe that. Anyways, I was always trying to find something that sounded really sexy playing really loud in my car. And thats why I picked up this record. The Loud Sexy Effect.

I was watching very very late night tv one night, watching the channel Much Music, which is the Canadian equivilant of MTV, and saw this music video that showed one guy playing and singing all the parts. Drums, bass, keys, vocals (lead and follow) and everything in between. Now, I thought they were just being clever, but felt compelled to check this guy out anyways. Turns out, they were not being clever at all. Remy Shand is a musican that LITERALLY played every single note, sang every pitch perfect line on the entire record! The video was crap, but the song stuck with me. So, I picked it up, to see if it sucked as a whole. And..... obivoulsy it didn't, or else I wouldn't be writing this, that would be a fucked up blog....

Now, the most interesting thing about Remy is the fact that he has vanished off the face of the earth. He released this record, it was a huge success in Canada and a moderate one in the USA, even garnering 4 Grammy Noms, 6 Juno (canada's version) Nom's with 1 Win for best R&B/Soul Recording of the Year for the album The Way I Feel, and was never seen from again. Seriously, google "What Happened to Remy Shand" and you will be shocked by the amount of sites that pop up looking for him. In this day and age, how does someone just disappear?!? There has not been a sighting, a press release, a leaked song, or anything, he is just gone.

I have included 3 videos, because, I could not pick one. The album is truly well crafted and a great addition to any soul music lover.

"Take A Message"

"The Way I Feel"

"Rock Steady


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