Alphabet List: Letter G

>> Friday, June 11, 2010

Alright, alright you've probably been wondering where the Alphabet list had gone. Well, I'm not going to lie- the letter G depresses me. Here are the best picks I could find out of the limited G bands. Know a great G band? Send ideas our way!

1. Green Day (When I Come Around)
If you were a teenager in the 90's this song means something to you. Maybe your friends and you moshed to it live at a concert. Maybe you stole a winecooler and drank it out back while listening. Or, like me, it was your "song" with your boyfriend (shout out to Joey Winski). Either way, although Green Day doesn't move me like they once did I will forever have a special spot for Green Day (and for the true die hard fans that had the Sweet Children 45's like me). In a time when Manic Panic was your best friend this song will always bring back the memories.
Live at Woodstock

2. The Gits (Second Skin)
For those of you that really know me you know that I have always had a part of me that is Riot GRRRL. It started growing up as a teenager in Washington in the 90's and has never really left. The Gits, though not originally from Seattle, really found their stride there and received local and underground success particularely among the Seattle Grunge and Punk scenesters. The band was on their way to main stream success when the brutal murder of singer Mia Zapata tore the band apart. I remember her murder and attending subsequent Home Alive concerts/gatherings. The Gits were never the same and disbanded shortly after. This video from the Gits movie is called Second Skin- enjoy!

3. Goo Goo Dolls (Iris)
Admit it, no matter how cheesy Goo Goo Dolls can be you still sing along when John Rzeznik starts in to the chorus with "and I don't want the world to see me..." This was the best embeddable vid I could find but check out youtube to see a really great one of them playing live in the pouring rain- rad.

4. Garbage (Only Happy When It Rains)
Yea Shirley Manson! That girl rocks! Guess who went out and bought fishnet stockings and big "Daria" black combat boots after this. No, not Adam. What people don't know about Garbage is that, yes Shirley Manson is awesome, but there are actually other members of the band people! And one just happened to produce this little known album called Nevermind of a small grunge group called - okay you know this- well his name is Butch Vig, so check him out.

5. Guns N Roses (November Rain)
Theres not a person I know that won't sing along at a dirty bar while Sweet Child O' Mine or Paradis City comes on. Legitimately though, I love November Rain. I even considered walking down the aisle to it but I think Kyle would have veto'd that idea right away (we ended up walking back up to the acoustic version of Everlong by Foo Fighters). An awesome video, an awesome guitar solo by slash, and maybe the best 9 minute video I know. By the way, perhaps the only time I think smoking is cool but when Slash is at the wedding smoking and hands the priest the rings- brilliant. Note there is a blink and you'll miss it cameo of Riki Rachtman!

6. Good Charlotte (The Anthem)
Catchy, poppy and yet they're dressed as... punks? gangstas? goths? I'm not sure. Still I can sing along to like 6 of there songs so here they are.

7. Ginuwine (Pony)
He can dance. He has the hottest body. The song is sexy. Nuf said.

8. Gorillaz (Clint Eastwood)
Before I had even heard music by Gorillaz I had heard about Damon Albarn's new project (although they tried to keep members secret for a while- remember that?)Although I like Blur better, Gorillaz brought something different to a time when music was kind of in a lull (1998).

9. Gomez (See The World)
So Gomez the band isn't new but I've just started to pay them attention. My husband has noted that they're somewhat inconsistent (perhaps due to having three singers and 4 songwriters?) but this song is beautiful.

10. Goldfinger (Here in My Bedroom)
'94 brought about a lot of great moments in music and this ska/punk was one of the best of it's genre.


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