Songs of the Day: "Pencil Full of Lead" & "Coming Up Easy"

>> Sunday, June 13, 2010

So, if you read my post, A Year in Music: Best Albums of 2009: Look Back Part 2, then you know how I feel about Paolo Nutini's most recent album, Sunny Side Up. If you didn't, click the link, it's probably the best thing I'm capable of writing.

But to give you a proper taste of this amazing album, and to publicly apologize to Mr. Nutini for being bullheaded and not trusting his artistry, please watch below.

Both these songs are so vastly different, just imagine what the rest of the record holds.

I love the songs, but not sure about the videos.

"Pencil Full Of Lead" by Paolo Nutini

"Coming Up Easy" by Paolo Nutini


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