Band of the Week: Andy Hull

>> Sunday, July 18, 2010

I try not to repeat bands/music/sessions. But this just needs to be shared.

I feel a little down today, like my eyes want to break down the dams for no real reason. It's interesting. Well, with that in mind....

I give you Andy Hull. The frontman of two of my favorite bands, Manchester Orchestra and Right Away, Great Capitan! He is honoring us, via with an acoustic set of songs from the most recent M.O. release.
He sings like crying, and it feels perfect.
On the unfinished list for best modern/current songwriters, he is in the top 3.
His side project RAGC is releasing their 3rd and final album this year. It is a trilogy puzzle piece of a record, completing a story of a Sea Capitan just trying to get home. And I have high hopes for it.

Overall, this just feels right on this sunday.

I hereby present, Andy Hull as the Band of the Week.

"I Can Feel A Hot One" (Easily one of my favorite songs of all time. When I re-write my top 100 songs of all time, this will surly fall in the top 50)

"I've Got Friends" (Surprisingly impactful acoustic version.)

"My Friend Marcus" (I suggest you listen to the lyrics. Brilliant and sad.)

"100 Dollars" (wow, the emotion, the pain, the voice)

"The Only One" (bonus clip. Great song)

And, my all time favorite Andy Hull song....

"How I Waited" (So hard to find a quality version of the track)


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