Song of the Day: "Bullet" by Steel Train & "Bullet" by Scarlett Johansson

>> Sunday, July 18, 2010

I am not easy to shock or surprise anymore when it comes to music. But sometimes a band with gumption will do something so unorthadox that it cannot help but take me aback a little. Like when Radiohead was giving out "In Rainbows" for a donation, or when Bishop Allen released an EP a month for an entire year. I mean, those are a game changers. I purchased every EP that Bishop Allen put out, even the hard to find "August" live in concert one. And still to this day, they are one of my favorite bands. And Radiohead just readjusted the perspectives of all the music executives in the world with that ingenious stunt.

It's proof that sometimes things can still catch me off guard.

This band did one of those things. Steel Train is a New Jersey band that I try support but have not ever really championed (I do now). I was a fan because the lead singer is one third of the creative force that is the band fun. whom I love immensely. But, back to the point, outside of their self-titled album being fairly fantastic, they did something that I have never seen before.....

If you go to their website and buy their record directly, you can also receive a copy of "Terrible Thrills Vol. 1," which I implore you to do. TT V.1 is their exact record, but rerecorded and covered by an assortment of some of the best female frontmen (frontwomen?) in the INDIEstry. (Featuring, Scarlett Johansson, Tegan and Sara, Holly Miranda, Deradoorian, Alia Shawkat, Nellie McKay, Amanda Palmer, Greta Salpeter, Rachael Cantu, Charlotte Caffey & Astrid McDonald, Anna Waronker, and Rachel Antonoff). Yeah, all those girls. Clearly great, right?
Honestly, it is something to behold. It is an entire record that is so different from the original, that it may even be better. I cannot get over it. It's genius. I would bet that you will start seeing this trend from other mid major bands to help get a bit more exposure.

Below is a great dichotomy of the records. Both songs overlap and share the same space, and yet are so different.

"Bullet" by Steel Train

"Bullet" by Scarlett Johansson


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