Song of the Day: "We're On The Run" by Gold Motel (Now with pie charts!)

>> Friday, July 23, 2010

Some may call me a bit sexist. And some might get bitch slapped. But, to be fair, I do tend to feature more frontmen than frontwoman, and I apologize for that. Well, actually, no I don't. Make more interesting music ladies and you will get your due. Just kidding. If you were to compile a statistical comparison of all bands, you would see that the majority, at least 85%, have male lead singers. Not to say they are all good. Just more. So, I am not sexist, I am historically accurate, bitch.

I have created a completely biased pie chart to prove my point, ish. Below the impressive graphic, you will see a smattering of examples of music for each slice. A couple things you should know... I found said examples by putting my entire library on shuffle and kept hitting the next button, so, that is how I came up with that. You will notice that green is the smallest slice on the pie, however, there are more bands listed in examples that there are in red, that is more of a testament to me and my fascination with bands with dual lead singers than to how "the real world" listens to music, also, I would say 90% of my current favorite bands exist in this example sect. Also, I excluded R&B, HipHop, Country and Yanni, because they are generally gender biased as genres.

Examples of The Peen's: The Temper Trap, Bush, Manchester Orchestra, Damien Rice, John Mayer, Counting Crows, Hootie and The Blowfish, Aerosmith, The Antlers, Phoenix, The Beastie Boys, BOAT, Bon Iver, Cold War Kids, Girls, Fang Island, Fanfarlo, Wakey!Wakey!, Toad the Wet Sproket, Owl City, Nico Stai, LMFAO, fun., Fleet Foxes, The Album Leaf, Secondhand Serenade, Hey Marseilles, Rural Alberta Advantage
Examples of The Vag's: Tegan & Sara, Adele, Lisa Hannigan, Bat For Lashes, Dum Dum Girls, She & Him, Gold Motel, First Aid Kit, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, A Fine Frenzy, Regina Spektor, Samantha Crain Schuyler Fisk, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Examples of Interlocking Parts: Slow Club, Chairlift, Los Campesinos! Bishop Allen, The Civil Wars, The Head and The Heart, The Dead Weather, The Dutchess & The Duke, The Hush Sound, The Swell Season, The Tiny Masters of Today, The Weepies, the xx.

But, onto the song of the day, and the reason I went on this sexist rant. Below you will hear a dandy of a track by a band called Gold Motel. I am super stoked to have this album, and I am looking forward to checking it out fully. I had it on for the majority of this writing session, until previously mentioned rant that is, and it twas quite enjoyable. I know I LOVE this song (below), "Safe In LA," "The Cruel One" and "Make Me Stay," and I have a good feeling about the rest of it. Greta, the frontwoman, has such a soothing and enticing voice that I have loved for years, as she was one of the lead singers on the interlocking parts band, The Hush Sound that took an indefinite hiatus a while back. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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